South Africa home to a beautiful rainbow nation, breathtaking sceneries, diversity of wildlife, exciting adventures, good food, and so much more. Read more about this stunning place below.

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If I ever seen magic, it has been in africa. ~John Hemingway

Things You Need To Know About South Africa

You will find The Republic of South Africa at the most Southern point when you look at a map of Africa. The largest city in South Africa is located in the province of Gauteng and is called Johannesburg (nicknamed Joburg, Jozi or The City of Gold). The city is the business central of South Africa and certainly the wealthiest.

What makes South Africa so special?

  • South Africa is a rainbow nation country with a lot of different people and different languages.
  • At Cape Point located in the Western Cape, meet the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. 
  • You will find all five of the Big Five wildlife in South Africa (elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard).
  • It is the biggest gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese and alumino-silicates producer in the world.
  • Durban Harbor is the busiest and largest port in the sub-Saharan Africa.
  • You can visit a Bushveld resorts for wildlife views or go to the ocean and relax or visit any of our beautiful mountain ranges to calm the soul.

We in South Africa are proud to call this place our home,  because it is the land of milk and honey.

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Interesting Facts


FIFA 2012

We have hosted the FIFA 2021 World Cup as well as the 1995 Rugby World Cup.


Floral Kingdoms

We have the privilege to have one the worlds six floral kingdoms called Cape Floral Kingdom.



South Africa is well-known for the Big Five namely the Lion, Cape Bufallo, Leopard, African Elephant and Rhino.

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