List Of Tourist Attractions In South Africa

When you look at the map of Africa, you will find South Africa at the bottom (the southernmost country). South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world, it included minerals, metals, fauna and flora, people and so much more. The country is rich in traditional and cultural values. It has a fascinating history and stories to tell like the story of the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias or Sarah Baartman. South Africa is known to all as the country of milk and honey. You have not travelled if you have not been in our radiant country.

Interesting Facts About South Africa:

  • Chris Hani Hospital in the city of Johannesburg, located in the area Soweto, is the third biggest hospital globally.
  • There are only 12 countries in the world where it is safe to drink tap water and South Africa is among those 12 countries.
  • After Washington DC it is Pretoria that has the 2nd highest number of embassies in the world.
  • The mines in our country mine deeper than any other country. The deepest mine in South Africa is 3.9km in-depth and the mine is known as Western Deep.
  • When it comes to hydroelectricity, we have the largest hydroelectric tunnel in the world, located in the Orange-Fish River.
  • We are also the biggest producer globally of Macadamia nuts, as well as vanadium, gold, alumino-silicates, chromium, platinum and manganese.
  • Our harbour in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, is the biggest in Africa and the 9th biggest global.
  • Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) is the biggest in the Southern hemisphere and the third biggest globally. It is located in the small town known as Sutherland, Northern Cape province.

These are just a few interesting things about South Africa, but believe me, there are a lot more. Tourism in our country is not a disappointing topic as we have some of the most beautiful sceneries, landscapes, people, fauna and flora.

South Africa consists of nine provinces and each with awesome things to do. The nine provinces are known as:

  1. Western Cape
  2. Northern Cape
  3. Eastern Cape
  4. KwaZulu-Natal
  5. Gauteng
  6. Mpumalanga
  7. Limpopo
  8. Freestate
  9. North West

What makes South Africa great is that has everything and the people here are truly amazing with the diverse cultures.

We have beautiful landscapes that include mountains, grasslands, floral landscapes and deserts. We have amazing land and ocean wildlife that include the Big Five that can be found all over South Africa in various resorts like the Kruger National Park. If you want to view our spectacular ocean life, there is a fantastic aquarium in Cape Town named the Two Ocean Aquarium. It is in Cape Town where the two oceans meet (the Atlantic and Indian oceans). We have a variety of rivers and dams along with stunning nature reserves. South Africa offer you the chance to live in absolute luxury in villas with extraordinary views to comfortable camping.

South Africa makes a great vacation, honeymoon or breakaway for all travelers.

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