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Travel Tips - Limpopo in South Africa

Limpopo is the province of South Africa that is the furthermost North. It is called Limpopo due to the Limpopo River, which contains the western and northern borders of the province. Polokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, is the largest city in the province and the capital city.

The province consist of a few places that is reserved for the growth and prosper of South African wildlife. The most famous reserve is known as the Kruger National Park.

It is an ideal location for any wildlife photographer or animal lover. You will find the big five animals in this province with spectacular safari and mountain landscapes.

Just a few More Places and Facts...

The province of Limpopo is a savannah biome. As such, you’ll find several outdoor attractions and living museums. Near Polokwane, you’ll find the Bakone Malapa Museum and the Tsonga Open-Air Museum. In addition to wildlife, you can explore history at many sites throughout the province. Stone Age San relics can be found at Mapungubwe World Heritage Site, while ancient dinosaur footprints can be found at the famous Tsonga site.

So to sum up all the interesting places in the province:

  • Kruger National Park
  • Mapungubwe Resort
  • Makpansgat Caves
  • Arend Dieperink Museum
  • ┬áBakone Malapa Museum
  • Tsonga Site
  • Bela-Bela Safari and Game Resort
  • Marakele National Park
  • Boabab Country
  • Agatha Crocodile Ranch
  • Horseback Safari’s
  • Moholoholo Rehab Facility For Wild Animals
  • Skydiving
  • Rhino Museum
  • Valley Of The Olifants
  • Capricorn
  • Waterberge

Just For You

What adventurous things are there to do in Limpopo?

The province of Limpopo is one of South Africa’s most beautiful regions. It borders Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe and is home to many wildlife reserves and bush veld.

The Kruger National Park is located in Limpopo and is a large portion of the Makgabeng Plateau. There is Ancient rock art in Makpansgat caves. In Polokwane, you can visit the Arend Dieperink Museum.

The Province of Limpopo is divided into five district municipalities and is a significant agricultural region. The region includes a large area of the Northern Sotho people, as do the Tsonga and Venda. Agriculture is also very important in the area. In addition to agriculture, the province also has a vast variety of wildlife. For example, it is one of the small number of places in South Africa where you can see elephants, lions, rhinosters, bucks, buffalos and leopards in the wild.

If you love the bush, warmth of the sun and amazing wildlife, then Limpopo is the province you should put on your bucket list of places to visit in South Africa. It is definitely a good place for the soul to find that inner peace and appreciation for the beautiful creation again.

Warm Weather. Amazing Wildlife. Rich Heritage.


Things You Will Experience In The Limpopo Region


Nature At Its Best

The weather in Limpopo is ideal for fauna and flora to flourish. You will find the Kruger National Park here and the big five.


Bush veld Experience

Here you will get the amazing and African bush veld experience with late evening braai and at night conversations along bon fires. It is an experience you will find at most of the hotels or resorts.


Tasty Food

Yes, braai and biltong is something that all tourists should try. Limpopo is known for wildlife, so here you can try various bucks and more.


Interesting Individuals

The province is rich with several ethnic groups living here. Here you will find poor to rich individuals.



The inhabitants of the province consist of Ndebele, the Sotho, the Shangani, the Venda and the Kalanga people. Mapungubwe World Heritage Site was in the middle of the Iron Age kingdom.


Relaxation For The Soul

There is no such a relaxation for the soul that sitting outside along a bon fire and listening to the life of the wild in the background. It will bring some inner peace within you.

Let's go and relax!

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